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Detection,Guidance and Control Technology
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Ⅰ、Educational Objectives

This program is designed to cultivate students with good knowledge and abilities in application of theoretical and analytic tools who may engage in the guidance and control, system analysis and integration, electronic equipment and system research, design, development and applying. They will to be high level persons with ability in new technology application fields such as system design, technology exploitation, product development, experimentation test, research management so on in associating scientific research units, colleges, enterprises and management development.

Ⅱ、Educational Requirements

1.Master the systemic basic science theory, widen and well-knitted technical theory of this specialty. Possess some social democracy market economy, management, and correlative engineering technology knowledge. Know some social science, humanity, law, and national defense knowledge; understand the development trends of science and technology.

2.Possess the skill of drawing, numeration, experiment, test, express and operation, and the ability of design.

3.Possess the ability of self-study, analyzing and solving problem and engineering designing; have the conception of project quality and benefit, and the ability of research, development and management; have strong ability of computer operation and using foreign language, i.e. read smoothly the professional books in foreign language and have the listening, speaking and writing skills of the foreign language.

Expected professional knowledge and ability:

1.The basic knowledge of electronic and control specialty;

2.The principle of weapon detection, guidance and control, system analysis and design method and product develop method;

3.he ability of test, analysis and solving problem in weapon detection, guidance and control through using computer and instruments;

4.Be familiar with associating guideline, policy and rule of law of technology and national defense;

5.Acquaint with the foreland, application foreground and development trend of weapon detection, guidance and control;

6.Master the basic method of document search and information inquiry; have the ability of scientific research and practice operation.

III、Length of Schooling and Degrees

Length of schooling:four years

Degree conferred to graduates:Bachelor of Engineer

IV、Hours and Credits

Total Credits:213

Curriculum Class Hours/Credits:2426/151.5 Percentage in Total Credits:71.2%


Class Hrs/Crs of Basic Public Courses:1468/91.5 Percentage in Total Credits:43.1%

Class Hrs/Crs of Basic Technical Courses:548/34 Percentage in Total Credits:15.9%

Class Hrs/Crs of Specialized Courses:410/25.5 Percentage in Total Credits:12%

Weeks/Credits of Major Practical Training:40week/38.5 Percentage in Total Credits:17.8%

V、Major Disciplines

System Engineering

VI、Main Courses

Basic of Circuit Analysis,Signal and System,Electronic Circuitry (1),Pulse & Numerical Circuitry,Electronic Circuitry (2),Principle of Automatic Control,Aviation System Principle,Information System Analysis,Principle of Integrated Fire Control,Electronic Information Display Principle,Integrated Avionics System,Exterior Aeroballistics,Warhead and Fuze.

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