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Communications Engineering
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The Department of Communications Engineering in Northwestern Polytechnical University was established in 1958. With a series of constructions for half a century, in particular by the “211”and “985”programs, breakthroughs have been made in its development. Our specialty of Communications Engineering is entitled the key defense specialty of the “15th Five-Year Plan” in 2002, the national first-class distinguished specialty in 2008, the key specialty of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China in 2012, and one among the first group of the experimental specialties for the Excellent Engineers Program.

The Communications Engineering specialty concentrates on the modern communications technologies and the demand for the talents in the related fields. It is characterized by the education and scientific research activities on the cutting-edge communications technologies for the national defense. The overall goals of the department are to establish a specialty with first-class academic level and distinguished characteristics and to become an important training institute for the talents in the electronic and communications field for the national economy development and defense.

I. Educational Objectives

This program is designed to adapt to the development of modern communication technologies, to meet the needs of talents in the field of communications engineering for national defense, industry and regional economic and to cultivate the students’ intellectual, physical and aesthetic development. The students might have a solid theoretical foundation, wide adaptability, strong engineering capabilities and good personal quality. The students will be well-trained to be engaged in the research, design, development and application of communication and information systems, and be able to perform the design, research and management in the fields of electronic, communications, computer and other high-tech areas.

II. Educational Requirements

Requirements on the professional ability training:

1. Master the systemic basic theories of this specialty, including mathematics and natural science.

2. Master a wide and solid theoretical foundation and necessary expertise, including light, wireless, and multimedia communication technologies.

3. Obtain the knowledge of socialist market economy, management, and related engineering technologies.

4. Obtain certain social, cultural scientific, legal, and defense knowledge, understanding the basic policies and regulations of communications system and network construction.

5. Master a strong skill of computer operation, document retrieval and data query, understanding the new trend of the latest science and technology, with the sense of life-long learning.

6. Obtain the ability of research and practical work, the basic analysis and design methods of communications system and network, the awareness of innovation, and the ability of solving practical engineering problems.

7. Obtain the skill of engineering drawing, computation, experiment, testing, presentation and basic mechanical operation and design.

8. Obtain the basic ability of design, development, debugging and application in communications system and network, the concept of quality and efficiency and the consciousness that the engineering can affect and reshape the world.

9. Master a strong ability of self-learning, the preliminary ability of scientific and technological research, development and organizational management.

10. Master a foreign language and be able to read foreign language books of this specialty, with the abilities of listening, speaking and writing in the foreign language.

Expected professional knowledge and abilities:

1. Master the basic theory and knowledge in the communications field;

2. Master communications technology such as light wave, radio, multimedia and so on;

3. Master the analysis and design methods of communications system and networks;

4. Have the ability to design, develop, debug and operate communications system and networks;

5. Understand the basic policies and rules of communications system and network construction;

6. Understand the evolution and development of communications technologies.

III、Length of Schooling and Degrees

Length of schooling:four years

Degrees conferred :Bachelor of Engineer


Total Credits:179

Curriculum Class Hours/Credits:2510/149 Percentage in Total Credits:83.2%


Class Hours/Credits of General Education:1422/81 Percentage in Total Credits:45.2%

Class Hours/Credits of Basic Technical Courses:656/41Percentage in Total Credits: 22.9%

Class Hours/Credits of Specialized Courses:432/27 Percentage in Total Credits:15.1%

Weeks/Credits of Major Practical Training:37/30 Percentage in Total Credits:16.8%

V、Major Disciplines:

Communications and InformationSystem

Information and CommunicationsEngineering

VI、Main Courses

Foundations of Circuit Analysis、Signals and Systems、(Ⅰ)Electronic Circuitry (Ⅰ)、Pulse & Digital Circuits、Electronic Circuitry (Ⅱ)、Principles of Communication、Electromagnetic Fields & Electromagnetic Waves、Technology of Microwave and Antenna、Computer Networks、Mobile Communication、Modern Switching Technology、Fiber Optical Communication、Wireless Communication Systems Design

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