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Electronic Science and Technology
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The specialty in Electronic Science and Technology, from School of Electronics and Information, Northwestern Poly-technical University, was established in 2002. To adapt to modern technology and the national socio-economic development, on the basis of general education we focus on multidisciplinary professional education with a wide range of Specialties. The main goal is to culture the compound talents with thick foundation, professional wide, and self-learning ability.

This specialty is designed for engineering. The duration of an undergraduate student is four years. After graduation, the students are granted as a bachelor's degree in engineering.

I. Educational Objectives

This program is designed to cultivate students, with solid basic theory, easy adaptability, strongly ability for engineering, good quality, who may engage in designing, producing, researching and invention in the field of micro electronic technology, also in designing, researching and management in the fields relative to electronic technology and new technology.

II. Educational Requirements

1. Maser the systemic basic science theory about circuitry, widen and well-knitted electronic technical basic theory and necessary specialty knowledge; Master some economy, management, social science, humanity, law, nation defense and engineering technology knowledge; Master the basic method for researching document and inquiring about data; Understand national basic principle, policy and law; understand the basic knowledge for enterprise management; understand the evolvement and development about electronic science and correlative science.

2. Possess the skill of designing, drawing, operation, experiment, testing, expressing in writing and electronic technology assemble.

3. Possess the ability of self-study, of applying computer; Possess some ability of designing, analyzing and solving problem in electronic engineering; Have the conception of project quality and benefit, and the ability of research, development and management; Master basically a kind of foreign language, be able to read smoothly the professional books in foreign language and have the listening, speaking and writing skills of the foreign language.

Expected professional knowledge and ability:

1.Master the basic theory and knowledge in semiconductor micro-electronics circuitry and apparatus field;

2.Master the imitating designing and analyzing circuitry and apparatus using computer;

3.Master the application of micro-electronic apparatus in computer technique, communications technique;

4.Master the researching, designing, producing and testing technique of semi-conductor micro-electronic apparatus and circuitry (such as apparatus, integral apparatus, photo-electron apparatus);

5.Have the ability of to research and practice;

6.Understand the evolvement and development of Science and Technology of Electronics.

III、Length of Schooling and Degrees

Length of schooling:four years

Degrees conferred :Bachelor of Engineer


Total Credits:180

Curriculum Class Hours/Credits:2478 /148 Percentage in Total Credits:82.2%


Class Hours/Credits of General Education:1414/81.5 Percentage in Total Credits:45.3%

Class Hours/Credits of Basic Technical Courses:504/31.5Percentage in Total Credits: 17.5%

Class Hours/Credits of Specialized Courses:560/35 Percentage in Total Credits:19.4%

Weeks/Credits of Major Practical Training:35w/32 Percentage in Total Credits:17.8%

V、Major Disciplines:

Electronic Science and Technology

VI、Main Courses

Introductory Circuit Analysis,Signal and System,Electronic Circuitry,Pulse and Digital Circuitry,Physics of Semiconductor,Microcomputer Principle and Application,Digital Signal Processing,Integrated Circuits Analysis and Design,Electronic Devices,Micro-electronic and Micro-mechanical System,Principle and Application of Sensor,Electronic Design Automation

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