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Electronics and Information Engineering
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I. Educational Objectives

This program is worked out to educate and train qualified professional electronic engineers , who are with solid theoretical knowledge and sufficient engineering abilities, to adapt the demands of modernization construction. The graduates will be capable of research & development and management related with electronics and information engineering including electronic equipments and systems, signal and information processing, micro-electronics, computer applications and microwave techniques, etc.

II. Educational Requirements

1. To have basic science theory as well as fairly broad and solid foundation on fundamental engineering science needed by the specialty, and necessary professional knowledge; to understand to a certain degree social and humanities science covering marketing, management, law and national defense knowledge;

2. To have the required abilities of engineering drawing, calculation, experiments and measurements; to

be capable of doing practical operation and engineering design.

3. To have abilities of self-taught, analyzing and solving engineering problems, performing primary research, development and management and computer application; to be aware of the importance of product quality and cost; to be good command of a foreign language, both written and spoken.

Expected professional knowledge and abilities:

After the program completed, the graduates will: well educated with basic technical theory of this specialty and adapt various kinds of work in electronics and information engineering field.

2.master the experiment skill of electronic circuits and have the basic ability to analyze , design or assemble electronics equipments.

3.master the methods of information acquisition and processing ,and be capable of design, integration, application and simulation of information system.

4.understand general policies and regulations of electronic and information industry ,and have basic knowledge of project management. acquainted with the advances in electronics equipments and information system; familiar with general searching methods of technical literatures and have some ability of scientific engineering research and development.

III、Length of Schooling and Degrees

Length of schooling: Four years

Degrees conferred:Bachelor of Engineer


Total Credits:203.5

Curriculum Class Hours/Credits:2767/167 Percentage in Total Credits:82%


Class Hrs/Crs of General Education Courses:1522/93.5 Percentage in Total Credits:45.9%

Class Hours/Credits of Basic Technical Courses:710/41.5 Percentage in Total Credits:20.4%

Class Hours/Credits of Specialized Courses:535/32 Percentage in Total Credits:15.8%

Weeks/Credits of Major Practical Trainings:37w/36.5 Percentage in Total Credits:18%

V、Major Disciplines:

Circuit and System,Signal and Information Processing,Electromagnetic Fields and Microwave Technique,Physical Electronics

VI、Main Courses

Fundamentals of Circuit Analysis,Signal and System,Analog Electronic Circuits,Pulse and Digital Circuits,Engineering Electromagnetic Fields and Waves,Digital Signal Processing,High Frequency Electronic Circuits,The Principle of Communication,Principle and Application of Microcomputer,The Principle of Automatic Control,Microwave Techniques and Antennas

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