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LI Jianzhou
2013-04-16 15:30   审核人:


General Information

Name:LI Jianzhou

Title:Associate Professor

Discipline:Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology



Research Interests

1. Electromagnetic Radiation and Scattering

2. Computational Electromagnetics

3. Antenna Design



BSc, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 1995

MSc, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 2002

PhD, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 2005


Selected Publications

1. Li Jianzhou, Xu Jiadong, Guo Chenjiang, & Wei Gao (2003). Integrative RCS (radar cross section) calculation as a much more efficient method of RCS calculation. Journal of Northwestern Polytechnical University, 21 (4), 449-451.

2. Li Jianzhou, Mao Jizhi, & Xu Jiadong (2004). The techniques to accelerate the method of graphical electromagnetic computing. Acta Aeronautica et Astronautica Sinica, 3, 297-299.

3. Li Jianzhou, Mao Jizhi, & Xu Jiadong (2004). Integrative graphical electromagnetic computation for bistatic scattering.Journal of Microwaves, 20 (1), 19-22.

4. Li Jianzhou, Wu Changying, Hou Xinyu, & Xu Jiadong(2005). Design of RCS evaluation software based on Unigraphics. Chinese Journal of Radio Science, 20(2), 222-225.

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