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1. General Information


Discipline       System Engineering  

Title  Associate Professor

Working Unit:   Northwestern Polytechnical University


Tel :      029-88431260

2. Education  Doctorate

3. Important Awards & Honors

1. Two Prize of the National Defense Science and Technology Award, 2006.

4. Selected Publications

[1] Chen Jun, Yu Guanhua, Gao Xiaoguang. Cooperative Threat Assessment of Manned/ Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Team Based on Synthetic Fuzzy Cognitive Map. Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University(Science),17(2): 65-71, 2012 EI

[2]Chen Jun, Gao Xiaoguang, Yu Guanhua. Cooperative Effect Analysis of Manned/ Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Team Based on Fuzzy Cognitive Map . IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing, Communications and Computing, 2011, pp876-880,  Xi'an, China.EI

[3]Chen Jun, Yu Guanhua, Gao Xiaoguang. A Method of Target Recognition Based on Typical Collaborative Structures of Manned/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Team. IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Intelligent Systems, 2011, Vol.2, pp198-203, Guangzhou, China. EI

[4] Chen Jun, Gao Xiaoguang, Ding Lin. Design and Operation Strategies of the System for Destroying Time-Sensitive Target Based on System Effectiveness. Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics, 19(6):1151-1156, 2008. SCIEI

[5] Chen Jun, Gao Xiaoguang. A Comprehensive Threat Assessment Method for Group Aircrafts Cooperative Air Defense Combat under Command of AWACS. Journal of Northwestern Polytechnical University. 27( 5):624-630, 2009 .(EI)

[6] Chen Jun, Gao Xiaoguang, Ding Lin. Application of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps in Management of Airborne Warning and Control Systems. Journal of Systems Engineering  and  Electronics. 30(9):1717-1720, 2008. (EI)

[7] Chen Jun, Gao Xiaoguang, Ding Lin. Operational Effectiveness Evaluation and Cost-effectiveness Analysis of System for Destroying Time-sensitive Target, Journal of System Simulation. 19(17): 4042-4044, 4060. 2007. (EI)


5. Important Projects

1. Intervent-limited Cooperative Decision Mechanism of Heterogeneous System Based on Agent-based Fuzzy Cognitive Map, National Natural Science Foundation, 2014-2016.

6. Fields of Research and Interest

1. Modern Fire Control Theory

2. Theories and Application of Advanced Control

3. Intelligent Command and Control Engineering

4. Modeling, Simulation and Effectiveness Evaluation of Complex System

7. Memberships

Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Major branch Society of Airborne Weapon System. Member.

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