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He Hongkun
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General Information

NameHe Hongkun                                 

TitleAssociate Professor

DisciplineCommunication Engineering

Phone+86 29 88495395


Research Interests

  1. Wireless Communication and Positioning
  2. Embedded System
  3. New Energy Engineering



B.E., Northwestern Polytechnical University, 1982

M.E., Northwestern Polytechnical University, 1985

Ph.D., Northwestern Polytechnical University, 2008


Selected Publications

  1. He Hong-Kun, Shi Hao-Shan. “Asynchronous UWB localization method and algorithm for multiple targets”, Journal of System Simulation, Volume: 20, Issue: 7, Pages: 1713-1715+1733. (Accession number: 20081811232405)
  2. He Hongkun, Shi Haoshan. “Measurement and positioning of moving array shape by IR-UWB”, Sixth International Symposium on Instrumentation and Control Technology, Article number: 63572N. (Accession number: 20070610408432)
  3. He Hongkun, Shi Haoshan. “Improved Asynchronous UWB Localization Method for Multiple Targets”, Journal of System Simulation, Volume: 21, Issue: 9, Pages: 2485-2491.
  4. He Hongkun, Shi Haoshan. Method for network topology identification based on incidence matrix”, Journal of Xi'an Jiaotong University, Volume: 40, Issue: 4, Pages: 477-479+493. (Accession number: 2006259949051)
  5. He Hong-Kun, Shi Hao-Shan. “Time resolution research in liquid scintillating detection”, Nuclear Electronics and Detection Technology, Volume: 26, Issue: 6, Pages: 1030-1033. (Accession number: 20070410389420)
  6. Zhang Leilei, He Hongkun, Zhang Wanpeng, Yong Li. “UWB asynchronous location algorithm based on variable and adaptive step size”,14th International Conference on Advanced Communication , Pages: 1142-1145. (Accession number: 20121915003406)
  7. Zhang Wanpeng, He Hongkun, Zhang Leilei. “Joint direct-calculation and adaptive nonlinear optimization algorithm for UWB 3D location”, 2012 International Conference on Computing, Communication and Applications, (Accession number: 20121915006209)
  8. Jinjin Yang , Hongkun He, Jianping Wang. “A robust and embedded efficient PFC controller based on storable reference current rebuilt strategy” ,14th International Conference on Advanced Communication, Page:323 – 326.( Accession number: 12656609)
  9. Wang Linbo, He Hongkun, Shi Lei. “A New Duty Cycle Control Strategy for Digital Constant-current LED Drive Based on Buck-boost topology”. 5th International Conference on Mechanical and Electrical Technology
  10. Shi Lei, He Hongkun, Wang Linbo. “A Duty Cycle Adjustment Strategy for Embedded Boost Power Factor Correction”. 5th International Conference on Mechanical and Electrical Technology


  1. He Hongkun, Wang Linbo, Shi Lei. “An intelligence constant current driver based on embedded control” (utility model patents, has authorized) Application number: 201220374987.X
  2. He Hongkun, Shi Lei, Wang Linbo. “An intelligent power factor correction based on embedded control”(utility model patents, has authorized) Application number: 201220375080.5
  3. He Hongkun, Wang Linbo, Shi Lei. An embedded intelligent constant current driver and its control method(invention patent, has published) Application number: 201210266100.X
  4. He Hongkun, Shi Lei, Wang Linbo. “An embedded intelligent achieve power factor correction and its control method” (invention patent, has published). Application Number: 201210269126.X
  5. He Hongkun, Yang Jinjin, Shi Lei. “A online programming multifunction PFC processor” (invention patent, has published). Application Number: 201210020612.8
  6. He Hongkun, Han Zhaochen. “The Nodes' Search Method of Detection and Control Network System with Field-bus” (invention patent, has published). Application Number: 201310178886.4
He Hongkun, Han Zhaochen. “A Topology Identification Method of Field-bus Network” (invention patent, has published). Application Number: 201310180347.4
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