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Electronics Experiment Teaching Center
2018-11-15 15:44   审核人:

Electronic Experimental Teaching Center (EETC) of Northwestern Polytechnical university (NPU) was founded in 2000. The EETC, covering nearly 6000 square meters, provides an advanced environment for fundamental experiments, professional experiments and innovative practice. It has more than 5200 units of equipment, with total assets of nearly 54 million RMB. It is an important center for students to cultivate their overall qualities and practice abilities.






Team's Current Situation: 1 nationally outstanding teacher, 2 members of the steering sub-committee of the Chinese ministry of education, 3 outstanding teachers of Shaanxi province, 11 professors (3 Ph.D advisors) and 20 associate professors. This experiment education center of electronics is judged as provincial demonstration center of experiment education in 2005.

The experimental center includes the following 7 laboratories:

? Digital electronic technology laboratory

? Analog electronic technology laboratory

? Circuit foundation laboratory

? Signals and systems Laboratory

? High frequency electronic circuit laboratory

? Communication engineering laboratory

? Electromagnetic field and electromagnetic wave laboratory

? Microwave and antenna laboratory





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